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Beer Fetching Robots

Beer fetching robots, small and large, Roomba and humanoid, dog down beers for their human designers.

Roomba’s Playing Pac-Man!

Roombas and humans play real life Pac-Man! The Pac-Man is controlled remotely while the ghosts are autonomous. Positioning systems tell the robots whether where they are on the map and determine whether they are allowed to turn and where the pills are located.

Voice Activated Roomba Listens to You

A Roomba was made to be voice activated by Verbal Machines Ltd, a company specializing in “Interactive Embedded Speech Products.” This Roomba listens to you.

Long Exposure Roomba Photos are Pretty, Insightful.

Long Exposure Roomba Photos are Pretty, Insightful.

If you haven’t heard of a Roomba before, it is a small, $100-$600, robotic vacuum cleaner that roams around and picks up after its messy human counterparts. Some creative Roomba owners have gotten the bright idea to take long exposure photographs of their Roomba doing its thing. The result is a beautiful image offering insight […]

Pac-Man Roomba has 448 LEDs

Kudos to the person who made this Pac-Man Roomba. I know from experience that soldering that many LEDs gets old quick!

Robotic Gardening at MIT – New Robots take care of Tomato Plants

Robots are tending to tomato plants at MIT’s Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence Lab (CSAIL). Nikolaus Correll, an MIT postdoc, has made a robot fitted with a watering pump and programmed to tend to tomato plants grown in the MIT’s CSAIL. In the video above, the robots appear to be built on a modified Roomba with […]