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Robotic Hand Allows Man to Grasp Objects and “Feel” – Video

Interesting. This robotic hand is connected to nerve endings via electronic sensors. This allows the robotic hand and human to actually have some ability to feel what it is grasping.

BBC Blast Studio is Real-time, Online Robotics Interaction

BBC Blast Studio is Real-time, Online Robotics Interaction

BBC Blast Studio is an experimental, live, website and studio which lets users interact with the real world by controlling robots over the internet. The Blast Studio allows users to operate Blast Studio’s custom built devices and watch others control the devices in real-time.

Robot Follows You, Can Understand Gestures

Robot Follows You, Can Understand Gestures

This robot from Brown University can read human gestures. While most of us may only think about futuristic robots interacting with us through speech, researchers at Brown have created a robot which responds to human gestures. These non-verbal commands include arm signals which indicate “follow,” “halt,” “wait” and “door breach.” The robot also understands verbal commands, and […]

Awesome Pictures of Robots –

Check out for some awesome photos of robotics. You won’t regret it.