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Can Robots Make Art? These Robots Can Paint!

Francis, of, has several robots assisting him with his art. It’s just more proof of the limitless applications that we humans can use robots and computers on. There are tons of possibilities on what to program the robot to paint. They could be especially useful in doing large paintings in great detail, or painting small repetitive or tiresome figures.

Robot Follows You, Can Understand Gestures

Robot Follows You, Can Understand Gestures

This robot from Brown University can read human gestures. While most of us may only think about futuristic robots interacting with us through speech, researchers at Brown have created a robot which responds to human gestures. These non-verbal commands include arm signals which indicate “follow,” “halt,” “wait” and “door breach.” The robot also understands verbal commands, and […]

Robotic Gardening at MIT – New Robots take care of Tomato Plants

Robots are tending to tomato plants at MIT’s Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence Lab (CSAIL). Nikolaus Correll, an MIT postdoc, has made a robot fitted with a watering pump and programmed to tend to tomato plants grown in the MIT’s CSAIL. In the video above, the robots appear to be built on a modified Roomba with […]