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Roomba’s Playing Pac-Man!

Roombas and humans play real life Pac-Man! The Pac-Man is controlled remotely while the ghosts are autonomous. Positioning systems tell the robots whether where they are on the map and determine whether they are allowed to turn and where the pills are located.

Voice Activated Roomba Listens to You

A Roomba was made to be voice activated by Verbal Machines Ltd, a company specializing in “Interactive Embedded Speech Products.” This Roomba listens to you.

Ember Military ‘LANdroid’ Robot Video Update

‘Ember’, is their book-sized autonomous robot made for the LANdroid program.Ember’s ad-hoc network maintains communication between soldiers on the battlefield.

iRobot’s Tiny ‘Ember’ Bot Creates an Ad-Hoc Network for Soldiers.

iRobot’s Tiny ‘Ember’ Bot Creates an Ad-Hoc Network for Soldiers.

One of Ember’s duties is to keep soldiers in communication. In urban environments, buildings and angle of incidents between wireless devices can greatly affect signal propegation. LANdroids are tasked with autonomously seeking a position that keeps the network alive, while still maintaining other missions objectives