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Petman Bipedal Robot Prototype by Boston Dynamics – Video

Petman is the first anthropomorphic robot that moves dynamically like a real person. The goal is to recreate how a human walks to stress test chemical suits.

Transformer Robot Turns From Car to Walker

Transforming robot can turn from a car to a walking robot.

KOBIAN: Emotional Humanoid Robot

KOBIAN: Emotional Humanoid Robot

Finally, a humanoid robot that does emotions well. KOBIAN doesn’t just do facial expressions like most other humanoid robots. This bot uses its whole body to convey emotion, much like how we humans display body-language. We’re one step closer to having the friendly, humanoid robotic housekeeper we were all supposed to have by now. KOBIAN, make […]

Breakdancing Robot Busts Impressive Moves

A simple, walking robot would be impressive enough. This robot is has a full array of breakdancing moves that the small, bipedal style robot can perform.

Japan’s Moon Mission – Walking, Bipedal Moon Robot for 2020 Mission?

Japan’s Moon Mission – Walking, Bipedal Moon Robot for 2020 Mission?

Japan is in the early stages of designing a mission to the Moon. The proposed mission places a walking, two legged robot on the Lunar surface in the year 2020. The proposal is being considered as a part of Japan’s new space strategy, and will be further decided after public input has been taken. Should the […]