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Google Car Drives by Itself In the City, humanless for 1000 Miles.

Google Car Drives by Itself In the City, humanless for 1000 Miles.

Google’s autonomous car, which is a highly modified Toyota Prius, has logged over 1000 miles of humanless driving!

Roomba’s Playing Pac-Man!

Roombas and humans play real life Pac-Man! The Pac-Man is controlled remotely while the ghosts are autonomous. Positioning systems tell the robots whether where they are on the map and determine whether they are allowed to turn and where the pills are located.

Skiing Robot Carves Up The Snowy Mountain Slope – Video

The robot is autonomous, and contains a complex sensory control system. An on-board camera identifies gates on the slope while a GPS system tracks position and velocity.

Robots May Soon Perform Autopsies

Robots are already used all over medicine. For example,medical teaching robots. Why not let them do autopsies too? The idea is that robots can be more precise than humans can, so they will be better at completing an accurate autopsy report. Humans miss things, robots don’t.

Dishwashing Robot Prototype Demonstrated By Panasonic – And Other Robot Videos!

Panasonic’s fledgling robotics department has created a dishwashing robot capable of grasping utensils and dishes with the appropriate force, and placing them into a dishwasher.

MIT Demos Autonomous, Navigating Robotic Helicopter – With Video!

MIT’s RANGE, “Robust Aerial Navigation in GPS-denied Environments” Quad-Rotor Helicopter was the first to complete the fifth mission of the IARC aerial robotics competition.

It features a small laser scanner as well as a color camera and other sensors.

Ember Military ‘LANdroid’ Robot Video Update

‘Ember’, is their book-sized autonomous robot made for the LANdroid program.Ember’s ad-hoc network maintains communication between soldiers on the battlefield.

Are Electronics-Free Robots the Future?

Are Electronics-Free Robots the Future?

The main advantage of the chemical robots is that they do not need an electrical source of power. The robots gain energy through chemical reactions with their environment.

Long Exposure Roomba Photos are Pretty, Insightful.

Long Exposure Roomba Photos are Pretty, Insightful.

If you haven’t heard of a Roomba before, it is a small, $100-$600, robotic vacuum cleaner that roams around and picks up after its messy human counterparts. Some creative Roomba owners have gotten the bright idea to take long exposure photographs of their Roomba doing its thing. The result is a beautiful image offering insight […]

Lethal Military Robots will have Ethics.

Lethal Military Robots will have Ethics.

Military robots show no fear in the face of enemy fire, and squeeze the trigger with no remorse. But their effectiveness does not end there. These lethal robots will be built with a deeper understanding of how best to kill their opponents.