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MIT Demos Autonomous, Navigating Robotic Helicopter – With Video!

MIT’s RANGE, “Robust Aerial Navigation in GPS-denied Environments” Quad-Rotor Helicopter was the first to complete the fifth mission of the IARC aerial robotics competition.

It features a small laser scanner as well as a color camera and other sensors.

60ft Gundam Japanese Robot Statue Update – It’s Animated

An update on the Japanese Gundam Robot in Tokyo. Video of the 60ft Gundam below shows that the robot is slightly animated with lights, steam, a moving head and sounds.

Battlebot “Ziggy” Flips and Destroys Dryer

340 lbs and gold medal winner at the RoboGames, Ziggy throws this hunk of metal several feet in the air with its high powered wedge.

Quadruped Robot Walks and Fights – Video

Take a look at “Issy”, a walking, fighting, quadruped robot made by Let’s Make Robots user mikef. Issy has a wireless camera for the operator, and an airsoft gun to shoot things! Notice how well the robot walks. Issy is built out of 13 AX-12 servos using the bioloid frame kit, lynxmotion SES brackets for legs, and […]

‘iShoes’, Skates with 500W motors, go 13.5MPH

iShoes, available at, are motorized shoes that allow the wearer to roll along paths and streets at speeds up to 13.5 MPH. Basically, they are roller skates with 500 Watt motors on them!

Medical Robot Helps Teach Aspiring Dentists

A robot named Simroid allows dental students to interact with a realistic, robotic patient. Simroid can sense pain, listen to the student, and even talk back to the student, making it a very realistic robot.

Voice Activated Roomba Listens to You

A Roomba was made to be voice activated by Verbal Machines Ltd, a company specializing in “Interactive Embedded Speech Products.” This Roomba listens to you.

KOBIAN: Emotional Humanoid Robot

KOBIAN: Emotional Humanoid Robot

Finally, a humanoid robot that does emotions well. KOBIAN doesn’t just do facial expressions like most other humanoid robots. This bot uses its whole body to convey emotion, much like how we humans display body-language. We’re one step closer to having the friendly, humanoid robotic housekeeper we were all supposed to have by now. KOBIAN, make […]

Motorized Tiger Walks, is Functional Art

Motorized Tiger Walks, is Functional Art

Daniel M. Perez encountered a tiger in Belgium. Not a live tiger, but a motorized, mechanical tiger. The tiger was created by a local artist, who proceeded to ride the tiger!

Pac-Man Roomba has 448 LEDs

Kudos to the person who made this Pac-Man Roomba. I know from experience that soldering that many LEDs gets old quick!