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Robotic Deer Helps Catch Poachers

Robotic Deer Helps Catch Poachers Image Credit: Planet Green

This is not a new problem in wildlife management. Robotic deer have been used in Indiana, Florida, Missouri, Pennsylvania, South Carolina, and many other states to help stop illegal hunters. This just shows how a little application of technology can make a deer look realistic enough to fool hunters from a distance.

What are your thoughts?

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]]> 0 Dan <![CDATA[Destroyed “Self Healing” Chair Puts Itself Back Together – Video]]> 2009-12-20T06:23:09Z 2009-12-20T17:00:59Z I stumbled across an old but awesome video of a self healing chair which falls apart then reassembles itself. This chair explodes then puts itself back together again!

Dan <![CDATA[RoboBuilder Robots do a Christmas Dance – Video]]> 2009-12-11T02:18:01Z 2009-12-11T02:18:01Z

Dan <![CDATA[Creepy Singing Android Heads]]> 2009-12-07T23:26:28Z 2009-12-07T23:26:28Z These animatronic heads move their mouth with the sounds which appear to be produced by a speaker behind them. Watch the eyes, they go looking off in separate directions! Cool, but I think I’ll hold off on dropping the $75,000 the artist who made these wants to sell them for.

These three animatronic heads are part of an art piece being sold at Art Basel Miami Beach 2009 for $75,000. The heads are connected to servos behind the mold of the artist’s face that are controlled by a computer. The movements and sound are on a 15 minute loop and both sing together and uncomfortably look around the room individually.

Dan <![CDATA[Skiing Robot Carves Up The Snowy Mountain Slope – Video]]> 2009-11-03T02:24:51Z 2009-11-03T02:24:51Z This mechanical skiing robot is shown racing downhill on the ski slopes. It’s programmed to ski slalom-style or straight downhill racing.

The robot is autonomous, and contains a complex sensory control system. An on-board camera identifies gates on the slope while a GPS system tracks position and velocity.

Here’s a nice video explaining how it works and showing the robot skiing down the mountain..

But there is still a lot of work to be done!

For more information:
[Bojan Nemec's Website]
[IEEE Spectrum]

Dan <![CDATA[Dishwashing Robot Prototype Demonstrated By Panasonic – And Other Robot Videos!]]> 2009-10-19T23:24:06Z 2009-10-19T23:20:10Z First up, Panasonic’s dishwashing robot. Then, other cool robot videos!

Panasonic’s fledgling robotics department has created a dishwashing robot capable of grasping utensils and dishes with the appropriate force, and placing them into a dishwasher.

Panasonic hopes to develop their robotics line into a one billion dollar per year business by 2015, or about 1.5% of their current revenue. Also in the video, some of Panasonic’s other robots.

Other dishwashing robots:

This video shows STAIR (STanford Artificial Intelligent Robot) unloading items from a dishwasher autonomously. Using machine learning algorithms, the robot is able to understand the image, and pick up objects — even the ones that were not seen before. This video is 3-x speed. More details at:

Cool, but a little slow!

The ARMAR Humanoid Robot putting a cup in the dishwasher:

Here is one of the better ones:
The Willow Garage’s PR1 mobile robot. Here it is doing the dishes.

And another video of it grabbing a beer.

This guy even cleans up a messy living room!

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Dan <![CDATA[Industrial Motion Control Robots Have Fun With Fanta – Video]]> 2009-10-19T20:10:54Z 2009-10-19T20:10:54Z Check out this video of some industrial robots showing off their precision. The distance between the cans is only 1mm! Nice moves. I can’t help but think that the programming part takes a little longer than what they show in this video. It’s pretty impressive, and you know those robots are expensive.

Superior motion control is the hallmark of all ABB industrial robots. In the first FANTA Can Challenge we set a test that none of our competitors could come close to. Now with the Level II challenge we have “raised the bar another notch” by introducing a THIRD robot & tightening the tolerances. The gap between the cans & pin is now only 1mm. And as always with ABB robots “What you program is what you get – AT ANY SPEED”.