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Acrobatic Quadracopter Balances Glass, Catches Balls!

This quadracopter is controlled by a Microsoft Kinect,and very advanced control algorithms, and can balance a glass of water and catch a ball while doing aerial acrobatics.

BigDog from Boston Dynamics Throws Cement Block!

Boston Dynamic’s BigDog robot is equipt with enough strength to throw a giant cement block while balancing on its four robot legs. Try doing that with a Roomba!

Beer Fetching Robots

Beer fetching robots, small and large, Roomba and humanoid, dog down beers for their human designers.

Robotic Deer Helps Officers Thwart Illegal Hunting!

Robotic Deer Helps Officers Thwart Illegal Hunting!

This robotic deer helps protect wildlife and citizens from illegal hunting. The remote controlled deer has a moving head and tail. Officers bust hunters shooting from their cars shortly after the shooters are tricked by this life-like animatronic deer.

Destroyed “Self Healing” Chair Puts Itself Back Together – Video

An old but awesome video of a self healing robotic chair which destroys then reassembles itself.

RoboBuilder Robots do a Christmas Dance – Video

Creepy Singing Android Heads

These animatronic heads move their mouth with the sounds which appear to be produced by a speaker behind them. What the eyes, they go looking off in separate directions.

Skiing Robot Carves Up The Snowy Mountain Slope – Video

The robot is autonomous, and contains a complex sensory control system. An on-board camera identifies gates on the slope while a GPS system tracks position and velocity.

Dishwashing Robot Prototype Demonstrated By Panasonic – And Other Robot Videos!

Panasonic’s fledgling robotics department has created a dishwashing robot capable of grasping utensils and dishes with the appropriate force, and placing them into a dishwasher.

Industrial Motion Control Robots Have Fun With Fanta – Video

Introducing a THIRD robot & tightening the tolerances. The gap between the cans & pin is now only 1mm.