New Robots

RoboSculpt creates clay molds with ease and precision

RoboSculpt, a robot created by Mathew Schwartz and Jason Prasad at the University of Michigan College of Achitecture, uses an industrial robot to sculpt clay molds. Using the robot to shape the molds allows for a custom design to be made more quickly and with less waste.

Robots Swarm and Self Assemble

Swarm robots on the ground join forces with an aerial robot to communicate with each other and self assemble! Using blinking lights and cameras, the aerial robot tells the ground robots how they should self-assemble to conquer a given task or environmental challenge.

BigDog from Boston Dynamics Throws Cement Block!

Boston Dynamic’s BigDog robot is equipt with enough strength to throw a giant cement block while balancing on its four robot legs. Try doing that with a Roomba!

Google Car Drives by Itself In the City, humanless for 1000 Miles.

Google Car Drives by Itself In the City, humanless for 1000 Miles.

Google’s autonomous car, which is a highly modified Toyota Prius, has logged over 1000 miles of humanless driving!

“CyberKite”, Kite Flying Robot Maneuvers Its Giant Kite

“CyberKite”, Kite Flying Robot Maneuvers Its Giant Kite

CyberKite is a kite flying robot made by FESTO. Its job is to fly a kite. Watch the video of this robot flying a large kite.

Robot Duo Learn to Play Flute and Saxophone Music

Robot Duo Learn to Play Flute and Saxophone Music

Japanese researchers have taught two robots how to play musical instruments. One plays flute, the other saxophone. The robots reproduce, play sounds they hear.

Petman Bipedal Robot Prototype by Boston Dynamics – Video

Petman is the first anthropomorphic robot that moves dynamically like a real person. The goal is to recreate how a human walks to stress test chemical suits.

Skiing Robot Carves Up The Snowy Mountain Slope – Video

The robot is autonomous, and contains a complex sensory control system. An on-board camera identifies gates on the slope while a GPS system tracks position and velocity.

Robots May Soon Perform Autopsies

Robots are already used all over medicine. For example,medical teaching robots. Why not let them do autopsies too? The idea is that robots can be more precise than humans can, so they will be better at completing an accurate autopsy report. Humans miss things, robots don’t.

Dishwashing Robot Prototype Demonstrated By Panasonic – And Other Robot Videos!

Panasonic’s fledgling robotics department has created a dishwashing robot capable of grasping utensils and dishes with the appropriate force, and placing them into a dishwasher.