If it kills things…. If it is a military bot…. UAV….

Segway RMP 200 Bots Used To Train Snipers as Moving Targets.

Check out this video of modified Segway bots being used to simulate human targets in a live fire sniper training exercise. The bots are programmed to react much like real humans would. After a target is hit the bots are programmed to scatter.

Ember Military ‘LANdroid’ Robot Video Update

‘Ember’, is their book-sized autonomous robot made for the LANdroid program.Ember’s ad-hoc network maintains communication between soldiers on the battlefield.

Lethal Military Robots will have Ethics.

Lethal Military Robots will have Ethics.

Military robots show no fear in the face of enemy fire, and squeeze the trigger with no remorse. But their effectiveness does not end there. These lethal robots will be built with a deeper understanding of how best to kill their opponents.

iRobot’s Tiny ‘Ember’ Bot Creates an Ad-Hoc Network for Soldiers.

iRobot’s Tiny ‘Ember’ Bot Creates an Ad-Hoc Network for Soldiers.

One of Ember’s duties is to keep soldiers in communication. In urban environments, buildings and angle of incidents between wireless devices can greatly affect signal propegation. LANdroids are tasked with autonomously seeking a position that keeps the network alive, while still maintaining other missions objectives

Military Robotics – A TED Talk about The Future of War

How have robots changed the way we fight wars and what part will they play in the future? With thousands of UAVs and ground robots already fighting in war-zones, what impact have they had and how will they change the way we fight and think of war?

Civilization ends – Terminator Style?

So another dramatic news article title by our friends at FOX. Autonomous military robots that will fight future wars must be programmed to live by a strict warrior code, or the world risks untold atrocities at their steely hands. So true, but why would we program to do anything we didn’t want them to? “There is a common […]

Satellite Collision a US Military Test? Says Who!

A retired Russian General has claimed the ‘accidental crash’ between a Russian and US Iridium communications satellite was no accident. According to Maj. Gen. (Ret.) Leonid Shershnev, former head of Russian military space intelligence, the crash may really be a conspiracy – a US ploy to test the feasibility of controlling or disabling hostile satellites.  Source: Official […]