Beer Fetching Robots

Beer fetching robots, small and large, Roomba and humanoid, dog down beers for their human designers.

Awesome Homemade Automatic Crossbow!

Custom, homemade automatic crossbow.

RoboBuilder Robots do a Christmas Dance – Video

Creepy Singing Android Heads

These animatronic heads move their mouth with the sounds which appear to be produced by a speaker behind them. What the eyes, they go looking off in separate directions.

Roomba’s Playing Pac-Man!

Roombas and humans play real life Pac-Man! The Pac-Man is controlled remotely while the ghosts are autonomous. Positioning systems tell the robots whether where they are on the map and determine whether they are allowed to turn and where the pills are located.

BattleBots Deathmatch Videos now available on YouTube

The robotics death-match TV show ‘BattleBots’ launched a YouTube channel showcasing some of their best episodes of robotic destruction.

Transformer Robot Turns From Car to Walker

Transforming robot can turn from a car to a walking robot.

Battlebot “Ziggy” Flips and Destroys Dryer

340 lbs and gold medal winner at the RoboGames, Ziggy throws this hunk of metal several feet in the air with its high powered wedge.

Controllable BristleBot Stays Within the Lines

Remember the bristlebots? Those toothbrush and pager motor robots that buzzed around? Here’s a version that is controllable. Watch it turn around after it goes past the black line.

59-foot Tall Japanese Gundam Robot Looks Menacing

59-foot Tall Japanese Gundam Robot Looks Menacing

Crazy pictures from Japan show a nearly 60ft tall life-size “Gundam” robot. Word so far is that the rocket packs are NOT operable. What a relief.