Google Car Drives by Itself In the City, humanless for 1000 Miles.

Google’s autonomous car, which is a highly modified Toyota Prius, has logged over 1000 miles of humanless driving!

Several DARPA challenges, in the desert, and in an urban environment, have showcased autonomous vehicles which navigate harsh and complex terrain with zero human interaction. It appears that Google’s foray into this emerging field has produced a formidable opponent to the DARPA challenge’s winning teams.

The car might be able to run autonomously most of the time, but the times it cannot… That scares me!

Apparently the only accident so far was when someone rear ended the Google car while stopped at a stoplight! Robots will end up replacing us :(.

Check out this infographic from NYT:

Google's Autonomous Toyota Prius

Google's Autonomous Toyota Prius

3 responses to “Google Car Drives by Itself In the City, humanless for 1000 Miles.”

  1. jswanson

    Too bad they couldn’t find a more impressive-looking car to use than a Prius…

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  3. adamcpennington

    @jswanson What did you expect -a Delorean!?

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