Japan’s Moon Mission – Walking, Bipedal Moon Robot for 2020 Mission?

Buzz Aldrin Walks on The Moon

Buzz Aldrin Walks on The Moon

Japan is in the early stages of designing a mission to the Moon. The proposed mission places a walking, two legged robot on the Lunar surface in the year 2020. The proposal is being considered as a part of Japan’s new space strategy, and will be further decided after public input has been taken.

Should the proposal be further pursued, Japan will soon begin designing bipedal robots for this mission. Landing a bipedal robot on the Moon is only one aspect of Japan’s proposed space mission. After the landing of the bipedal robot, possible manned missions or other robot missions could be in the works for later dates.

This news comes in the light of North Korea’s rocket launch, where a multi-stage rocket was fired from North Korea, and flown over Japan.

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  1. Aldrin J. Esteban

    Good day I hope this project will contribute to the unity of all human race in our beautiful planet Earth so we can make a colony in space to be able to sustain peace and spread life in space, and search for a new life or terrestrial. And I hope that this project will not wage a space war til the coming of Gundam Era.

    Thank you very much!!
    Peace Forever!!!!

  2. victor.adeyinka

    future people satlille people in london future visions

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