‘iShoes’, Skates with 500W motors, go 13.5MPH

iShoes, available at theishoes.com, are motorized shoes that allow the wearer to roll along paths and streets at speeds up to 13.5 MPH. Basically, they are roller skates with 500 Watt motors on them! There’s no way these could be dangerous at all….

Besides the risk of injury, these rollers look perfect for city-dwellers with smooth pavement to ride on. Being that there appears to be no detachment system, like on skis, for example, a crash could be pretty bad. Something about strapping my feet into powerful motorized shoes does not appeal to me.

Nonetheless, the design of the shoes appears to be very good. You can hardly see a motor on them, and the battery takes only two hours to charge, yet supplies 2-3 miles of riding.

FAQs from their website:

How do the iShoes work?
You simply strap them onto your shoes, and with the handheld control be able to travel at speeds up to 13.5mph.

How would someone benefit from using the iShoes?
The iShoes are beneficial because they move you at speed faster than walking. A 20 minute walk, is 5 a minute ride on the iShoes.

How are they controlled?
You simply push the handheld button to accelerate, and ease up to engage the electronic brake.

How far can they go?
The iShoes can go 2-3 miles or 30 minutes of casual riding on a single charge.

What do they run on?
They run on rechargeable Lithium batteries.

How much time does it take to charge?
It takes 2 hours to fully charge your iShoes.

Do I have to fully discharge the batteries before recharging?
No, Lithium batteries last longer if they are charged midway.

Is it hard to ride the iShoes?
There is a certain amount of skill required to ride the iShoes. Most people are comfortable going full speed after a day or two of practice.

Should users wear a helmet?
We highly recommend wearing a helmet if riding above 5 mph.

Do the iShoes work in wet conditions?
No, the iShoes are designed to be used only in dry environments.

How do they Turn?
A basic method of turning is slowing to a stop, turning and continuing. Experienced riders make turns with a skiing style, placing one leg forward and steering with it.

Can the iShoes go up hills?
Yes, the iShoes have a powerful 500 watt motor that can take you up most hills.

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