Robotic Hand Allows Man to Grasp Objects and “Feel” – Video

Interesting. This robotic hand connects to nerve endings via electronic sensors. This allows the robotic hand and human to actually have some ability to feel what it is grasping. The hook in the beginning looks a little primitive. The new and improved hand appears to work much better. Mapping the nerves down to specific fingers looks like it needs more work, though. Still a great improvement over the original hook! Perhaps in the future a better brain implant will able better to relay the correct instructions from the brain to a fully functional robotic hand. This one has already been in the works for ten years! Maybe in another ten it will be perfect?

A team of scientists from Italy and Sweden has developed what is believed to be the first artificial hand that has feeling. It has been attached to the arm of a 22-year-old man who lost his own hand through cancer. Researchers say it works by connecting human nerve endings with tiny electronic sensors.

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