Programmable Matter Could Create Shape Shifting Robots

Programmable matter could be used to create shape-shifting robots capable of changing their shape and adapting to their environment.

DARPA’s programmable matter research could potentially open the doors to a new kind of robotics. Shape-shifters could change their form to fit into tight openings, or work together to create stable structures in a swarm-type mode.

Programmable matter can change shapes on the fly.

Programmable matter can change shapes on the fly.

Currently, programmable matter is in its infancy. Some programmable matter consists of actuators that allow for almost any shape to be made. Success has even been found using synthetic biology and engineered cells capable of changing their color and shape.

According to DARPA,

The goal of Programmable Matter Program is to demonstrate a new functional form of matter, based on mesoscale particles, which can reversibly assemble into complex 3D objects upon external command. These 3D objects will exhibit all the functionality of their conventional counterparts.


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