Lawn-Mower Sized Robots could Help Build a Lunar Base

Astrobotic Moon-Digger

Astrobotic Moon-Digger

Astrobotic Technology Inc. and Carnegie Mellon University’s Robotics Institute have found a way to use riding lawn-mower sized construction robots to prepare our Moon’s surface for a NASA outpost.

The goal of the project was to figure out how to reduce the disruption of Moon dust when outpost rockets land or take off. Since the Moon has no atmosphere to slow down the disrupted Moon dust, the dust presents a problem for the future outpost.

The report outlines several methods of reducing dust-spread by use of these Moon bots. In one method, the robots would build raised berms around the launch area. In the other method, the robots would pack native Moon material into a hard-packed landing surface.

This is exactly the type of work that tells the world we are serious about returning to The Moon. NASA’s current schedule is to have a Lunar outpost by 2020. Hopefully that doesn’t get pushed back or cut like other project have.

[Full PDF Slide Report]
[Original Press Release]

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