Insect Spy Cyborg Robots are Controlled Remotely, Nuclear Powered

These cyborg insects can be remotely controlled via a radio transmitter attached to the bug’s back. The insect is powered by Nickel-63, a radioactive isotope which is able to supply power for a small amount of electronics for up about 100 years. Too bad that bug won’t live that long!

Cyborg Insect Spy Robot

Cyborg Insect Spy Robot

These… insects…or are they robots?… cyborgs, can fly around and could possibly transmit whatever sensor information it obtains back to the remote controller.

Maybe this technology could be applied to other typed of insect robots, like this water strider.

The primary objective of the Insect Cyborg Sentinels Project is to develop cybernetic insects for the purposes of living surveillance and reconnaissance micro-air vehicles, MAVs. By eliminating the energy needed for flight and focusing energy efforts on controller and sensor packages, a cybernetic MAV, or CMAV, can be harnessed for the purpose of long endurance stealth missions.

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  1. spy gadgets

    For very first time if we see this one we will think that a fly has come, we immediately try to kick it but we are mistaken this is a spy fly. this would be more useful in modern days.

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