Petman Bipedal Robot Prototype by Boston Dynamics – Video

This bipedal, walking robot is Boston Dynamics latest creation. It’s closely related to their BigDog robot, but only has two legs so it walks like a human.

Petman is shown walking at 3.2MPH and uses human-like, heal to toe walking motions. It also has some stability, just watch it recover from being pushed in the video below!

The goal is to recreate how a human walks, so chemical suits can be stress tested. Petman is “the first anthropomorphic robot that moves dynamically like a real person.”

Another amazing robot from Boston Dynamics, the same company who made the original land version of the sand robot we wrote about earlier, and BigDog.

PETMAN is an anthropomorphic robot for testing chemical protection clothing used by the US Army. Unlike previous suit testers, which had to be supported mechanically and had a limited repertoire of motion, PETMAN will balance itself and move freely; walking, crawling and doing a variety of suit-stressing calisthenics during exposure to chemical warfare agents. PETMAN will also simulate human physiology within the protective suit by controlling temperature, humidity and sweating when necessary, all to provide realistic test conditions.

And it wasn’t easy to build, either: it took 13 months to design and an additional 17 months to build! That’s two and a half years!
[Boston Dynamics]

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