Beggar Robot Asks For Your Charity, Must Watch!

Barred from begging in shopping centers, the poor have utilized scraps of computer junk from landfills and recycling centers to build an interactive robot sympathetic to their cause. Simply place the robot in a location frequented by the affluent, and the electromechanical wizardry begins.

Beggar ‘Bot talks in a computerized voice, pitching to passers-by to consider helping the less fortunate. Drawing a crowd and creating a spectacle, bedazzled mall-goers take interest in the robot and after curiously watching and listening, place money in its extending hand – to which it responds, “thank you.”

Beggar Robot is a robot for the materially deprived and is constructed entirely from old computer hardware and a few spare parts that were obtained at no cost….

More about the Robot

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  1. Brian

    This is a really well made video.

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