Ember Military ‘LANdroid’ Robot Video Update

Earlier this month we wrote about Ember, iRobot’s tiny new military robot. Ember was designed by iRobot (also the makers of the Roomba), for DARPA’s LANdroids program. More about the LANdroids program below the video.

To see just how capable this little robot is at navigating obstacles, check out the video below.

This program will help to solve the urban communications problem by creating intelligent autonomous robotic radio relay nodes, called LANdroids (Local Area Network droids), which work to establish and maintain mesh networks that support voice and data traffic. Through autonomous movement and intelligent control algorithms, LANdroids can mitigate many of the communications problems present in urban settings, e.g., relaying signals into shadows and making small adjustments to reduce multi-path effects.

LANdroids will be pocket-sized and inexpensive. The concept of operations is that war fighters will carry several LANdroids, which they drop as needed during deployment. The LANdroids then form the mesh network and work to maintain it – establishing a communications infrastructure that supports the warfighters in that region.

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