RP-7 Robot Allows Doctors to be Remotely Present

InTouch's RP-7i Remote Doctor Robot Platform

InTouch's RP-7i Remote Doctor Robot Platform

Doctors can remotely interact with patients through a person-size, mobile robotic platform made by InTouch Technologies, Inc. InTouch’s robots, the RP-7 and RP-7i allow doctors to communicate via video and audio from anywhere in the world.

The platform can even link directly to medical devices, allowing the doctor to remotely view real time patient data.

Both the RP-7 and RP-7i are the first and only FDA-cleared Remote Presence devices, which allow direct connection to Class II medical devices. Devices such as electronic stethoscopes, otoscopes and ultrasound can be connected to the Expansion Bay of the Robot, to transmit medical data to the remote physician.

The RP-7i also includes enhanced audio capabilities, which allow the user to focus in on a specific conversation, similar to using a person’s own two ears.


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  1. ericka dorsey from northwestern high school in b-more md

    i thak that this stuff is amazing; its so new and live but i have always believed dat robots are going to kill us all but as of now they are okay i juss hope the creators dont lose control of them

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